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The entire arrangement of the internal network is confusing at the moment, so I'm making a new map to try to explain it all:

HECnet Info

    ======= =========
    2020-08-19	Map redrawn.
    2020-08-19	Reshuffled hosts onto Bigeye
    2020-08-19	TARDIS re-licensed at last!
    2020-06-30	PACMAN and CLYDE added.
    2019-06-24	Map redrawn.
    2019-06-22	KVM Switch connected to BLACKFIN and BIGEYE
    2019-05-20	TARDIS re-licensed.
    2019-05-19	Back up after power failure while I was on holiday.
    2019-05-05	TARDIS License PAKs expired - awaiting new ones.
    2019-05-02	Map redrawn.
    2019-05-02	DOCTOR talks TCP/IP at last.
    2019-05-02	MASTER now talks TCP/IP and DECnet.
    2019-05-01	TARDIS moved back to BLACKFIN.
    2019-05-01	SIDRAT moved back to BLACKFIN.